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The following services are included in the Adult Day Services fee:

Activities: Individual, Group and Independent activities are available for each client.

  • These activities will focus on issues of social, cultural, education, recreation, behavioral management, motor skill development, community integration, self-care capabilities, personal hygiene, social support services and life skills training.
  • Participants have the right to choose not to participate in scheduled activities.
  • Opportunities are provided for rest or independent activity.
  • Intensive therapeutic services are provided as indicated by client need and ability to benefit.

Program Staff: Program staff is specially trained to meet the Specialized Adult Day Service Program needs.

  • Nursing staff including registered nurse and/or certified nurse aides are available throughout program hours for the regular monitoring of the ongoing medical needs of participants and supervision of the medications.
  • Qualified Medication Administration Persons trained in accordance with state law provide medication administration.
  • Life Skills Trainers, Recreation and Activity Staff are available to assist, facilitate, observe and supervise clients with tasks, classes and activities.
  • Staff is available to provide basic personal care services including bathing in emergency situations.

Meals: Lunch is provided to all clients of the Specialized Adult Day Programs if they are in attendance during the lunch hours.

  • Morning and afternoon snacks will be provided.
  • The Center is not able to accommodate individuals who require feeding tubes or who have severe swallowing difficulties.
  • Individual consideration will be given to individuals with other special diet needs.
  • Program participants will be monitored for general appearance, condition of adaptive/medical equipment, and apparent nutritional status.